Sway Progress Report

Getting step by step instructions for how to build out our coffee trailer has been the hardest. We’ve already done the electrical wrong once and we’re still not confident we’ve done the plumbing right (but we are very optimistic). We’re also trying to figure out where all the food trucks in Colorado Springs get their clean water and dump gray waste…and I CANNOT find the answer…so…let me know if you have an answer. [Quick turn of events…we are making Colorado Springs our base instead of Denver. Plot twist!]

Add to all of our questions the unfortunate fact that the department we need to communicate the most with is flooded with responsibilities surrounding COVID-19 (aka the Health Department), and we are left with the truth: this is 100% a terrible time to start a Food Truck.

But you know what?! We’re still doing it anyway!

We can say positively that the vision is getting clearer as we get closer to completion:
-We are confident that we want to primarily do events. (vs. selling from random locations around the city)
-We are confident that we want Echo Market and Sway Trailer to be buddies at Farmer’s Markets and small events throughout the year. (picture delicious coffee + fun products staged outside of Sway, with flowers + baskets, etc.)
-We want to supply both coffee + craftsmanship here in Colorado

It’s worth saying that we are so lucky and blessed to be able to do this venture. And we are completely aware that this is a DREAM and not everyone gets to live out their dreams. We also want to be completely transparent with where we’re at in the process. And if you’re in a similar stage with a project lets encourage each other to see it through to the finish line.

This week we’re adding tile inside the trailer by the hand sink, we’re adding the second window, we’re touching up on paint inside, finishing electrical and plumbing, and finalizing the second countertop. I’ll try to post images and videos to our Instagram @swaytrailer so you can see inside our coffee vessel. 

If you’re reading this, you’re on our home team. Let us know what items you’d like to see in our shop + what your favorite coffee drinks are these days. And if you’ve been considering placing an order from Echo Market, we’re offering free shipping for a limited time on all purchases over $50 (code: SIPANDSWAY). You just might see us at a Farmer’s Market in the future and a Sway Trailer mug gets you a $1 coffee fill up, every time. Thanks again for following along.

Talk again soon,
Joranda + Sway

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