Trailer Design Update

It is so much fun working on a crazy project, a big idea, a long awaited dream with my favorite person. It’s not *as much* fun when he tells me he bought a 5th fridge and he’s about to leave to pick it up when I have two sitting in my living room, and we’ve already returned one, and one is on it’s way via Amazon (wow that’s a lot of fridges!). And because I know everyone is wondering…Joe is not secretly starting a fridge business. I checked. Multiple times. 

The good news is we definitely bought the right one this time and are having it installed asap. The bad news is, after Amazon visits my house today I’ll have 3 fridges in my living room.

In other news, Colorado is heating up, and we decided to prioritize air flow since the trailer won’t have AC. We’re keeping the front window as a service window, and instead of closing up the back window with metal, we’ve decided to keep it open as well. This means a little less shelving space but a lot more natural light and airflow. Maybe we can service out of both windows in the future if we need to. Big goals.

We didn’t plan on this initially, but when we were playing around with window ideas we landed on this dynamic design feature: 

(WOW WOW WOW!) Just imagine that the exterior is painted to experience the full, glamorous effect of that mountain range! It turned out even better than I imagined. We were planning on putting the menu on the flip side but I think we’ll work on that last.

One thing we’re offering each of our clients is a custom menu, so I want the trailer to stay as simple and customizable as possible on the outside so it blends in with each event. We haven’t decided if we’ll even put a logo on her. TBD. 

The bottom board in the images above is an outdoor service bar. It will flip down when we’re driving and we can flip it up when we’re parked. This is an up close look of it. I love it so much!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick update! There’s still a lot of work to be done, and I can’t wait to keep you posted as we bring this vision to life. Thanks for being here!

Aranda + Joe + Sway 

P.S. We’ve turned on the comment feature below, so if you want to leave us some love and encouragement, we would be thrilled to hear from you! 

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