– 2022 things –

We have been in business ONE FULL YEAR! Wow, what a joy it has been. Honestly, as the barista, I don’t get to socialize as much as Joe, but I do my best to chat when the opportunity presents itself, and we have truly loved getting to meet and know each and every one of you this year.

I know you probably hear this from small business owners all the time but seriously, thank you so much for showing up, buying a coffee, and sending best wishes our way. We know you have a lot of coffee options and no one wants to have a bad cup of coffee so the fact that you return to our business week after week means the world to us.

Our hope in 2022 is that we make Sway more accessible and easy to book. It is now my full time job, and I’d love to see it grow this year.

So tell your friends about us, think of us when you’re planning your events, and stay tuned from some fun additions to our business in the coming months!


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